Tensor is also used in the Woodworking and Industry. Especially in the furniture industry profiles are complex, and often a technical drawing is not available. With Tensor you will be able to define splines through scanned points or a bitmap. To generate the NC-program and cut the part on your machine, will then be a matter of seconds.

Several machines for which Tensor is being used are Alberti, CNC90, Masterwood, Maka, SCM, Biesse, CMS, Reichenbacher and Morbidelli.


Automation through Scriptprogramming

Leon Rijkers working for the company CNC-Techniek asked us to automate the CNC-programming of a common product they make: beds specially designed for children.

Leon Rijkers: “Through dialog programmingtime is being reduced from 1,5 hour to 2 minutes. The geometry from one type can totally differ from another type, therefore this is a great solution. And ofcourse, errors are not being made anymore."

Read the user speaks to find out if Tensor can also help you in reducing your programming time and enhance the service you can present your customer.

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