On your way with Tensor

By working through this manual you will be able to make the first drawings and NC-programs for lathe- and milling-jobs. Also how to generate NC-code for 3D-parts is
explained. In this manual we will often refer to Tensor drawing files and video files. These video files will demonstrate step-by-step how to make a profile and to generate the NC-program. You can watch the demos by using Windows Mediaplayer ® or Real Player®. Notice that you can pause, reverse or forward the video at any time you wish if the video runs to fast.


Features in Tensor

If you are not yet a Tensor-user, take a look at the manual to see how easy Tensor is in use, and to get a brief
overview off all the NC-jobs Tensor is able to generate for you. Download the pdf-file.

Complete Manual

Here you can download the full manual including all referred documents (24MB). To get the best result we advise you to work through this manual from the beginning. It's easy to read, so you won't regret the effort. Click here to download.


Here you will frequently find new items added to this page when there are add-on's or new features.

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