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Lagerweij Techniek

Lagerweij Techniek located in Vught Netherlands, is a tool- and die-shop specialised in plasticinjection moulding, aluminium-casting and sheetmetal tools, mainly for the automotive- industry. Having milling- (Mas, Deckel and Maho) and wire-edm machines(Fanuc), Tensor is being used all day through to make NC-programs for more than 10 years.

Peter Lagerweij: “Everybody in our shop uses Tensor, because it's so easy in use and we can’t lose any time programming our machines; time is money. And the combination with our 3D-system Delcam is just perfect.“

Gefo Techniek

Gefo Techniek, located in Zeewolde Netherlands, is a company specialised in making furniture for offices, showrooms and expositions. Using two Alberti CNC-machines (CNC90), furniture is made on clients specifications. As designs are made with Tensor, CNC-programs are automatically generated.


Gerrit Foppen manager at Gefo Techniek : “I am really very content working with Tensor. Within days the first designs made in Tensor, were in my hand. DXF-files, bitmaps or digital drawings are imported and converted into NC-programs. We are now even specialised in signing for facades, because costs diminished and deliverytime really improved. So I can say, being a Tensor-user for six years: don't hesitate to take a look at Tensor if you have the NC-programming problems I used to have."

Machinefabriek de Kort

Machinefabriek de Kort, located in Son(Eindhoven) Netherlands, produces highprecision parts for the chipsindustry(ASML, Philips), automotive and aviation (Stork).


Wim de Kort: “We have been working with Tensor for years. Every program (even simple) is being programmed within Tensor, simply because it can't be done faster. If my customer doesn't supply me with a digital drawing, we draw the part ourselves in Tensor within minutes, and generate the NC-program. Especially the newer version of Tensor allows us through dialogue, to machine the part excactly how we want it to, just by simply answering the questions Tensor presents me. To be honest, I can simulate the program in the Tensor simulator, but I never use it."

Notel: “I once demonstrated Tensor to a client who sells parts for modelcars. He was impressed by the simplicity of Tensor and immediately bought Tensor Cad. This now saves me a lot of time ;)."


Focal Revalidatietechniek

Focal Revalidatietechniek, located in Berkel Enschot Netherlands, is producer and importer of aids for handicapped people.


Eric de Quay : “New parts I design in 3D using SolidWorks. To machine prototypes, I export Dxf- or Iges-files. Lathe and milling programs are then automatically generated within Tensor. We use ISO- and Heidehain-controllers but that's all the same for Tensor. It's comfortable that the Lathe-simulator allows me to simulate the program as my Fanuc0T doesn't have this option."

Tino Guillaume du Long

Tino du Long is an industrial designer and has been working with Tensor CAD for more than 10 years. Tino is leading in the Benelux-market for kindergarten furniture.


Tino: “My way of working is this: For the first ideas of a new product I make sketches in Tensor. If my client agrees with my concept, I then make the detailed- and assembly-drawings. Through the years I have been offered great 3D Cad-systems; but to be honest, I am so used to Tensor and don't feel like learning a new Cad-system. I learned Tensor in one day. Ofcourse, the drawings get better the more you work with Tensor. Besides that, Tensor does the job for me, even for 3D-presentations."




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