For the craftsman

With Tensor you will be able to generate programs for all kind of CNC-machines and CNC-controllers. Simply by clicking through a dialogue the CNC-machinist will tell Tensor how the part should be machined. Tensor then will fully automatically generate the complete NC-program where after it will be visualized in the Tensor NC Simulator. NC-programs will not only be provided for Milling and Lathe-jobs, but also for Wire-EDM, Lasercutting and waterjetting.



Tensor excels in simplicity. “It can’t get easier than simply answering questions Tensor will ask you when defining an NC-job”. Exuberant reactions by users convinces us that we provide the right solution for offline CNC-programming. Tensor is available in numerous languages, like English, German, French, Dutch and soon more to follow.


More than 12 years we are active in the CNC-industry and cooperate with many users and machine suppliers. We have always tried to listen carefully to them and many smart and bright ideas have been implemented in Tensor since. We are convinced this contributes to the fact users are so content working with Tensor. Therefore we have seen in practice, that using a comfortable programsystem contributes to more efficient use of your machines and enhances  the service you can give your customers.

Worth your money

Tensor is fair priced and a therefore we maintain a return of investment of three quarters of a year. If you would like to know more how Tensor will effectively automate your machining process, read the experiences of CNC-machinists working with Tensor. 


If you feel like finding out more, please take a tour on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us or your nearest dealer for further information or an appointment for a Tensor Cad/Cam demo.

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